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I vote for a special thread/segment where you expand upon that science-fiction story over time. Sounds really cool. Perhaps you can crowd-source ideas and/or get editorial feedback from readers.

Maybe one twist is that the comms breaks off partway through. So one individual is stuck 50 years in the future and the rest are 200 years or something. But maybe the person 50 years out knows s/he got disconnected and knows the team is in +200 so they try to send them a message. Remember that movie Paycheck with Ben Affleck?

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Great article! I love the Arts & History segment.

Being in shape these days is a hard thing to do. I think the pandemic hit our routine drastically. I hope to change that as well focus day-to-day to achieving my ideal form! "I think I'm in good shape, but you know everyone wants to change or improve something in their own body, haha.

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Sign me for the pull-up bar challenge. I built one a couple months from plumbing pipe and put in the garage in front of the beer fridge. I am stuck at 2 (up from 0) and would love to get to at least 5. I'm beginning to think the pull-up game was invented by short, muscular people seeking revenge on their tall brethren, but maybe a public commitment (or shaming) would do the trick.

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