Guilty of preparation-procrastination..

Don't buy the book just yet, I wrote up Redstone's story :-)

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Jan 5, 2022Liked by Liberty

Make a sauerkraut smoothie. Not as bad as eating it. And Kimchi is definitely better than both. And there is a cheat code: https://www.avogel.co.uk/food/products/molkosan-digestion/

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Dec 20, 2021Liked by Liberty

I don’t know if it qualifies as first-principles, but the drone analysis was some good thinking, breaking down the seeming absurdity of what it takes to get a burrito. Then again, think about the energy required for an early human to get a meal. Lots of inefficiencies there too with all the hunting and gathering, etc. I wonder what the cost of that burrito was in terms of calories (the fuel in the car and energy burned from the human), and how that compares to what it would take to hunt/gather a similar amount of calories. :::End random thought of the day:::

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