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It thought Ted's interview was fantastic - lots of great details I hadn't heard before. I think he's probably the only person in the world subscribed to both Furniture Monthly and Uranium Weekly.

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RE: UK Nuclear Industry. This (the retirement of the existing plants with no replacements) has been the slowest moving steamroller of destruction that was easily avoidable that i have witnessed in the UK.

I honestly can not think of anything else which has been so easily predictable and possible to avoid that hasn't been addressed. Lot of issues in the uk with hindsight are obvious but i can't think of any like this that needed no hindsight.

As a very average undergrad in 2003 i wrote a paper about how there was no clear solution to replace the base power they generated and there would be a crunch when it came to replacing them if they didnt start hurrying along. But much easier to wait and make it someone else's problem

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