Great recs by Matt. For All Man Kind did start slow, but gets better. The rare S2 improvement over S1. Severance and Station 11 probably my top picks in the last year.

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I watched Severance on the recommendations of a few people and loved it. It’s like Lost in an office (hope they can nail the ending much better than Lost did though).

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Slow Horses, was very good. I had read most of the books in the series and would say they did a good job of recreating the theme and ambiance of the books. Jackson Lamb they did a very good job with.

Otherwise i would say Bosch on Amazon as the next best program for capturing the books well, yet to see the new series though on IMDB TV

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Liberty Studios - TV Show Recs:

- huge thumbs up for Outer Range on Amazon Prime. If you are a fan of a type of genre that mixes modern Westerns (backdrop is family ranch in Wyoming) with sci-fi, this is your show. Great story with twists, great actors(Josh Brolin is the family patriarch in this one)/acting, great cinematography.

- I know you like Westerns (Deadwood) and I would imagine you like Sci-Fi, so I'm guessing this might be your type of show.


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