Hi Liberty, I enjoy your tidbits about Cloudflare being very curious about them as well.

few comments,

- From first hand experience, I interviewed with them for a hardware role. They are trying to build their own hardware now similar to what Meta does with OCP. It is interesting to think why would they do that? Maybe to bring costs down?

- Any of your previous article or others article you recommend to read to understand Cloudflare's business in detail?

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Thanks for much for the comment, I always love feedback and first-hand experience!

Very interesting on the hardware front. I know that they're keeping all their software compiled for both ARM and x86 for flexibility. I don't know if they're try to make their own ARM chips like Amazon to gain some cost advantages on compute, or if it would be in other areas...

They have a partnership with Nvidia for machine learning stuff -- maybe they would be interesting in doing something there if they even become a bigger player in the space, but for now, it seems most likely to me that they'd do something on the networking and/or storage front. Something more like Nvidia's DPU for networking maybe?

I don't know, but they're getting to the scale that it would start to make sense, especially since they have ambition to get much bigger.

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Yes, you have it right there. Also in general if they can built servers on their own they can have better control on getting best performance for their software. I precisely know for storage they were looking to buy Flash drives so wanted to get someone who is well versed with the standards and committee to have some influence.

You missed my second point, any previous article of yours or other you recommend to get a in depth review about what cloudflare is? Similar to the deepdives you did for Constellation?

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Sorry about that. Muji has written a lot about cloudflare at


As has Peter Offringa at: https://softwarestackinvesting.com/

(two friends of the show!)

And if you google and use the site: feature you can find everything I’ve written about the company, which is relatively considerable if you put it all together:


I haven't done a podcast one it (yet), though.

Hope that’s helpful!

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