Congratulations on two-year anniversary! Thank you for your wonderful curation that makes all of us a little smarter everyday.

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The immigration chart is

Interesting, but was the slave trade so small by that point in 1850-60 and from the preceding decades that Africans don't register at all during that time period?

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Billionaires also have the same vaccines as everybody else, and the same medicines. But alas, not everybody has the same level of medical care. The least productive part - the doctors and the nurses - does not have same productivity gain as the material side of things.

Productivity gain leads to falling prices, which in turn allows poor bums afford the same nice things as billionaires.

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Congratulations Lib on the 2 years. Hell of an accomplishment. I'd be very sad if this project ever comes to an end. Please keep it up.

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Congrats on 2 years!

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