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Re: Kia

Is the price difference a canadian thing? In continental Europe there almost the same price.

Re: Siemens

Of course it would be better to be not dependant on single countries, especially if they are autocratic. But let's not kid ourselves, we already are in almost every technical industry. When looking at e.g. the smartphone supply chain, the picture is even more bleak than renewable energy hardware.

I think you know all this, but a caveat in this form would have been great before calling out Siemens.

Re: Antitrust

The current Antitrust regime will not work with how the tech giants are set up. Here's a piece arguing that it would be fine if Big Tech stays as entrenched as it currently is, as long as it's allowing (or have to allow by law) others to stand on its shoulders.

Skip to the part explaining "Platform Neutrality" in the end: https://medium.com/hyperlinked/platform-economies-need-more-platform-neutrality-less-break-up-a5e3d074c357

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"There are some things I like better about the Model Y and some things I like better about the EV6, but with the Y being $20k CAD more expensive here, I feel like the EV6 meets my family’s needs while being a better value."

Kia EV6 looks sharp, congratulations! I am surprised to hear that is cheaper than a comparable Y. We just bought a Model 3 and we love it. We had looked at the Ys as well, Tesla, at least in the US, is darn near the cheapest new car one can buy right now.

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