I use Philips Hue bulbs and LED strips attached under the bed frame to slowly turn on in the morning. You can set the schedule to sunset and sunrise or any time you like. I also use a projector alarm clock to display the time on the ceiling (it's a red light projection, so very minimal distraction/blue light) just so I can keep an eye on time.

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"Is there anything that I could never understand no matter how long and how well it was explained to me?" I'm going to be thinking about that one for a while!

I haven't seen much of the Beckham documentary, but the "What car did your Dad drive" clip single-handedly made me want to watch it.

It's hard to overstate how much of a big deal that red card was - the first World Cup I remember watching was the Brazil one four years later in 2002, and even then, I remember the red card still being a topic of conversation.

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Greetings - Yes, another awesome episode.

We are a week out from finishing Beckham and still processing it. Even in regard to the Jensen interview, which even my wife enjoyed watching. I don't follow soccer (or any professional sport) at all, but when you watch Beckham, the artistry is obvious. Analyzing his personality is another matter. One of the key milestones in growing up is connecting the midbrain to the prefrontal cortex - transitioning from risk taking adrenaline junkie to seeing the bigger picture, making long term plans, managing risk, etc. Beckham never did it. His obsessive-compulsive behavior both made him a superstar, but also bedeviled his life. The red card incident and the reaction to it could be seen as a group response to his condition. Everyone understood that he took a risk that endangered the entire community and they never forgave him. Also, not to spoil it, what did he do when he retired - for days on end?

On the other hand, you have Jensen. He (they) took massive risks, but they were carefully informed and paid off. Beckham's interviews were highly emotional and full of self-doubt. Jensen freely admits mistakes but marks them as learning experiences and moves on. His manner of speaking and thinking is extraordinary. In fact, in style, he has a lot in common with Tim Cook.

Both of these shows are must watch IMHO. Thanks for bringing them to our attention.

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Awesome edition. I’d been considering watching the Beckham doc, I think I’m convinced!

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