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This is so good. Excited for an update.

Your comment on sports is so spot on. Coming from playing golf, albeit not at the highest level, the process of getting better was so much more well defined. There are a lot of specifics, but basically it boils down to measuring what you are good at, what you are poor at, and then how to develop a routine to improve your deficiencies while continuing to nurture your strengths. This is pretty obvious, as it is the process for getting better at anything, but consistently implementing it is damn hard. Even harder in investing/learning. I want to say the reason it is easier in sports is because you are optimizing for something pretty explicit. For instance, with golf, you care about lowering your score. Period. Also, the length it takes to receive feedback with sports is also typically much shorter, which allows you to iterate many more times. The old fail early, fail fast mantra.

The other thing I took away from golf was the guys who went on to make a living of it and be the best in the world were also the most consistent with their approach. They understood what they were good at, what they were bad at, then totally and completely embraced their inherent strengths and weaknesses. To some it was innate, to some it was a painstakingly laborious, conscious process. The key takeaway however was they didn't dramatically change their process once they figured out something that worked. These guys were also always the most focussed/deliberate practicers. Because they were consistent and understood what they needed to focus on, they got more out of an hour of practicing than most of us got out of a day. Because they didn't try to change things whenever something didn't work out, and thus continually be starting from scratch, their skill was always compounding.

Without having used Obsidian, it appears to be a tool that will help make one's process more consistent/repeatable, which will hopefully help us realize that continuous compounding of skill/knowledge we all seek. I will definitely be checking it out.

Thanks for getting me interested!!!

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