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Just got around to reading this edition, Bela Fleck is so good. Have you ever watched a video of their drummer performing? He plays the drums with a guitar, as impossible as that sounds. I encourage you to check out this video of it if you haven't seen before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqGEc8vnMbk&ab_channel=nevesh

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Hi Liberty,

The podcast with Jim was interesting and fun. There was a brief discussion on how learning for kids could be much better in today’s world. Can you please drill down on this topic? I have read about Ad Astra School (Elon Musk) - https://markattrack.com/ad-astra-school/#Ad-Astra-School …but trying to figure out more on how to practically implement a better encourage kids to learn to learn on interesting and impactful topics.

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