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Going Deep on Cloudflare and Datadog with Mostly Borrowed Ideas (MBI)

Going Deep on Cloudflare and Datadog with Mostly Borrowed Ideas (MBI)

Podcast #17

First, something to keep in mind: This is a conversation about these companies not an interview of MBI. We both talk about equally and ask each other questions. I want to mention it upfront just so you don’t expect a different format going in.

I had a great time discussing these two very interesting companies with my friend MBI (💎🐕).

When I saw on his 2022 deep dive calendar that he was going to write about Cloudflare and Datadog, I knew we had to find time to talk about them at some point, since I had independently studied both and had a few things to say.

We discuss the businesses, technology, products, and management.

We also analyze the rise and fall of cloud software stocks over the past few years, issues with stock-based compensation, competition for engineers from Big Tech, how profitable can these companies be at maturity, and a bunch of other related topics and companies.

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Two images that give an idea of the development velocity at these two companies. Here’s Cloudflare:

Cloudflare’s stacking TAMs.

Here’s Datadog:

Datadog’s product timeline.

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