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Claude Shannon fan club with Jimmy Soni and David Senra 📖

Claude Shannon fan club with Jimmy Soni and David Senra 📖

Podcast #16

I’m very happy to share with you this conversation I had with my two very good friends, Jimmy Soni (✍️) and David Senra (🎙📚).

We got together for a very special occasion. To talk about this man:

Claude Shannon was both a genius and a very authentic human being, and I think more people should learn from him — understanding his masterwork, Information Theory, helps to understand the digital world, but I also strongly believe that reading about how he lived his life can help steer us to a deeper, more satisfying life for ourselves.

Juggling on his unicycle!

Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman wrote an excellent biography of Shannon, and this book is the starting point for today’s episode.

But in our usual fashion, we don’t stop there and make all kinds of connections to all kinds of other things and people (Ed Thorp, Henry Singleton, Warren Buffett, Vannevar Bush, Dee Hock, Benjamin Franklin, John von Neumann, Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, etc).

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The book is so good that you should immediately buy it here. But we also want to get you a very special signed copy so that you can give your other copy to a friend:

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Here is your chance to get a very special signed copy of Shannon’s bio.

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Shannon’s Ultimate Machine 🤔

How much fun was he having coming up with this concept and then building it? Ha!

Here are the design notes from this version.

The Differential Analyzer analog computer 🧮

Vannevar Bush with the Differential Analyzer analog computer.

Above is a photo of what an analog computer was like before the digital revolution.

Here is the two co-authors talking about Shannon and the writing process at Google.

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