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David Senra on Deadwood (also: founders, entrepreneurs, civilization, Henry Singleton, Walt Disney, David Ogilvy, etc)

David Senra on Deadwood (also: founders, entrepreneurs, civilization, Henry Singleton, Walt Disney, David Ogilvy, etc)

Podcast #15 with David Senra 🤠

🤬 First a warning: This podcast includes a few swear words. It’s impossible — or at least not as fun — to talk about Deadwood without them.🤬

The podcast has spoilers for the show — as much as you can spoil a 16-year-old show — but don’t let that deter you because it’s kind of an unspoilable show. What’s good about it isn’t primarily the plot, it’s the characters, the writing, the acting, the world-building, the metaphors, the themes, and how it’s filmed...

With that out of the way:

The main topic is Deadwood (HBO, 2004-2006), what makes it special and what we can learn from it, but of course, this being David & I, we also talk about:

  • founders,

  • entrepreneurs,

  • obsessive creators,

  • the power of focus,

  • the power of strategy,

  • how civilization emerges,

  • intelligence as a currency,

  • violence as humanity’s fatal flaw,

  • sanitized origin stories,

  • addiction & abuse,

  • Andrew Carnegie,

  • Henry J. Kaiser,

  • Henry Singleton,

  • David Ogilvy,

  • Walt Disney,

  • Warren Buffett,

  • Vannevar Bush,

  • creating a body of work and planting seeds,

  • optionality from future technology,

  • the lessons of history about violence and corruption,

  • and all kinds of other interesting things.

We also talk about Tombstone (1993), which I hadn’t seen at the time, but watched soon after we recorded. I shared some thoughts on it here in edition #338.

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