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David Senra and Jimmy Soni: 'The Founders' Book Club on the PayPal Mafia 📖

David Senra and Jimmy Soni: 'The Founders' Book Club on the PayPal Mafia 📖

Podcast #21

I’m happy to share with you this conversation with my two very good friends, Jimmy Soni (📚✍️) and David Senra (🎙📚).

We discuss Jimmy’s excellent book The Founders: The Story of PayPal and the Entrepreneurs Who Shaped Silicon Valley, while taking 57 different tangents and detours into things that we find interesting or that are indirectly connected to the main story.

“A story of near-failure followed by near-failure…”

What we really discuss is what it takes to create things (🤕😣😫), how crazy the story of this eclectic group of young and inexperienced founders was, and how few people focus on the early struggle rather than the later successes, even if that’s the most formative and important part of the story.

I hope you enjoy this special Book Club edition!

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