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Interview with David Kim a.k.a. Scuttleblurb (2023 Edition: Exploration as a Service)

Interview with David Kim a.k.a. Scuttleblurb (2023 Edition: Exploration as a Service)

Podcast #19

David Kim is the author of Scuttleblurb (now also on Substack! More on that new development in the podcast).


This is the third time I have interviewed David — he’s that interesting! For more context, you can find the previous two interviews linked below.

In this one, David shares his journey as an investor, talks about how Scuttleblurb started and how it’s doing these days, and who inspired him to get started (if Scuttleblurb is the grand-daddy of a lot of current ‘deep dive’ newsletters, who’s the great-grand-daddy?).

It’s a two-way conversation, so we also talk about what I’m doing.

We also touch on some businesses: Carvana (😬), Texas Instruments (🐜), Sherwin-Williams (🎨), and Transdigm (🛩️).

David has a great riff about the various approaches to investing and the trade-offs inherent to each. He also discusses the EQ aspects of investing, which can sometimes be overlooked in favor of the IQ side of things (where there’s also a fluid vs crystalized intelligence dynamic at play over time).

David also talks about the two kinds of errors in investing, with examples for each (Twitter & Coinbase!), and when more information can help and when more information can potentially hurt you.

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