Sitemap - 2020 - Liberty’s Highlights

71: Thoma Bravo's $900m SPAC, Amazon Other™, Loeb vs Intel, 2020's SaaS IPOs, OpenStreetMap, ❄️ Snowflake Unlocked, and a 209 Megapixel Composite Moon

70: Texas Instruments & Hooters' Child, Elfenbein’s 2021 Buy List, Reverse Engineering Pfizer, Shomik on Enterprise Software, Germany, and What Future for Villeneuve’s Dune?

69: ☀️ My Thoughts on Vitamin D, Bezos Asked Buffett for a List in 1999, Alibaba vs King Kong, AT&T-1000, Sam Hinkie & Schelling Points, and Software-Controlled 500-LED Tree

68: Heico Q3, VC Dogfooding, Internet-as-a-Scenius, Accelerators & Co-Processors, In-Group vs Out-Group Signalling, and Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavík (say that fast)

67: Microsoft's ARM Chips, Constellation's Spin Out, TSMC for Food, Jack Ma's Ant Problem, Shopify's Lütke, China & Semiconductors, Cyberpunk'ed, and Mandalorian

66: AWS & Azure, 20-year-old Article on Amazon, Fred Liu, Sam Hinkie, Microsoft's Big Stick, 45m Medical Images, OnlyNerds for Semiconductors, and Countermeasure Flares

65: Snowflake's Slootman, Shopify's Finkelstein, Bezos Considering Building Shopify Rival, Apple vs Qualcomm, Twitter & AWS, Zoox Robotaxis, and Liberty Latin America

64: OnlyFans' 75% EBITDA Margin, Video Games, Dungeon & Dragons, Airbnb & Booking, Elastic Q3, Tobias Carlisle, John Street Capital, Semiconductors, and Beth Harmon Bots

63: APIs and Picasso, Amazon Now World's Biggest Renewable Energy Buyer, EU Semiconductors, SpaceX Starship, DoorDash, Genome Sizes and mRNA Tech

62: My Thoughts on Pride, Snowflake ❄️ Slootman's Paycheck, Daniel Ek Interview, Nvidia Does More With Less, FireEye Hacked, Allulose, and Chuck Yeager (1923-2020)

61: Google Angry at IAC, Japan to Ban Gasoline Cars, Slideware-as-a-Service, Qualcomm's New Dragon, Apple M1, Singapore & Lab-Grown Meat, Bob Dylan & Syd Barrett

60: My Thoughts on Seed/Leech Ratio, Why Apple is Crushing Intel & AMD at Their Own Game, The Silicon Cold War & SMIC, Stripe S-1, Amazon Podcasts & AWS Industrial Monitoring, and Gilmore Girls

59: My Charter Q3 Highlights, Andy Jassy on AWS Custom Silicon, DeepMind Computational Biology Breakthrough, Rory Sutherland, SK Fusion, HVDC, Moderna, and EV sales

58: S&P Global Buys IHS Markit ($44bn), Koyfin Redesign, Semiconductors Overview, Amazon Hires 2,800 Workers/Day, Grand Theft Auto V, AWS US-EAST-1 Outage, and Molecular Dynamics

57: You Need This, Liberty Day, Everbridge's Product Design, AWS Outage & IoT, US Broadband Speed +91% in 2020, and Dave Chappelle + Netflix

56: My Thoughts on Sports, Buffett & Matt Rose, Interview with Nvidia CEO, E-Commerce & COVID19, Stripe, Microsoft’s Pluton Security Processor, and Space Art

55: My Nvidia Q3 Highlights, John Malone Interview, Facebook AI Censorship, FANG Squeeze, TSMC + Google & AMD, EV/TAM, John Carmack, What is Taste?, Psychedelics in Canada, and the Queen's Gambit

54: ❄️ Snowflake's Big Dog, Shopify & Affirm, Roblox & Nvidia Tease, Vietnam Threatens Facebook, Apple Makes a Move, the Real Ben Graham, AMD's GPU, and a #NeverSell Story for the Ages

53: Amazon Pharmacy, Shopify + AliPay, Twitter's New Head of Security, Airbnb S-1, S&P and Moody's, Atreides, and the ARM stuff never ends...

52: Substack Having a Moment, Fred Liu's 164% YTD Letter, Okta CEO Interview, AmazonBasics in India, more Apple ARM, COVID19 Vaccines, Unreal 5 Engine, and the Coolest Thing Intel Made Lately

51: John Malone Tried to Buy Netflix, IPO Mania, Roblox, Softbank's Day Trading, Ackman, Amazon, Stripe, Apple ARM Macs Again, and Vitamin D

50: My Thoughts on Apple's ARM Macs & the M1, CCP vs China's Big Tech, EU Antitrust vs Amazon, Forgotten TikTok, Discord CEO Interview, and Lest We Forget

Interview with David Kim a.k.a. Scuttleblurb

49: My Thoughts on You, Pfizer, The Trade Desk Q3, Netflix Going Linear, Lululemon?!, Planting Trees with Drones, Oregon Opens a Drug Frontier, and Good Ol' Feynman

48: My Thoughts on How to Find Investments, Visa's Antitrust Troubles, WCM, Frank Slootman ❄️, Video Games, Psychedelics Science, and Hexagons

47: Constellation Software Q3, Amazon Q3, Ant's Delayed IPO, Greenhaven Road, ARM Macs, Distributed Computing, and The Last of US

46: My 1st Interview, Alibaba's Cluster of Billionaires, Google Maps, Semiconductor Manufacturing 101, Opioids, Color Film, and Mad Men

45: My Thoughts on Apple's Search Engine vs Google, Adyen's Oops, 6 Months at Shopify, Starlink, Microsoft Azure, Stripe, My Thoughts on the Upgrade Treadmill

44: My Thoughts on Investment Style as Lifestyle Design, Constellation Software, Ant's IPO, AMD + Xilinx, TikTok + Shopify, U.S. Innovation, Solar, and S&P Global in China

43: My Thoughts on iPhone 12 Cameras & Silicon, Databricks IPO, Gavin Baker on Retailers & Amazon, Heterogeneous CPU Design, Headlines vs Actual Stories, and Solar Now Cheapest Electricity in History

42: My Oura Died, Crowdstrike's 10x Opportunity, Visa's Long Game, Yet Another Nvidia ML Benchmark Record, Danaher, Photoshop's New AI, Align Q3, and Knives Out

41: Constellation Software's Modaxo & Topicus Spin, Elastic Deep-Dive, Microsoft Teams Incentives, Jeff Lawson's Buy vs Build, China's Semiconductor Push, and Communication with Aliens?!

40: Koyfin's Magnum Opus, Thailand's Terrorism Index, Visa is Flexing, Etsy's Marketplace, Nintendo, HFT Tax, Trade Desk, Can't Have Datacenters Without Data, and Ash Borer's Art

39: My Thoughts on Nvidia CEO Interview, The Trade Desk, Visa & Mastercard, Liberty Global, and Cool Birds

38: Twitch Juggernaut, Adyen CEO Interview, What Segment Does, Softbank SPACs, the Brand Equation, Annie Duke, and Chernobyl

37: Feds Target Google Chrome, Etsy Deep-Dive, Amazon Logistics vs UPS & Fedex, Twilio & Crowdstrike Acquisitions, and Cool Spaceships

36: AMD + Xillinx, Mauboussin on Amazon in 1999, Amazon's New EV Trucks (100,000 by 2030), Jesse Livermore, Microsoft WFH, and Vendetta Knives

35: Fred Liu's Good Year, Nvidia's 10x Video Compression AI, GPUs Colonizing the Cloud, Claude Shannon Letdown, and Minion Capital Interview

34: Daniel Ek Interview, Classic 2007 Bill Gates & Steve Jobs Interview, Google in 1998, Honda Quits F1 for EVs, Docoh Financial Platform

33: My Thoughts on Being Bad, 13-F Astrology Signs, Microsoft Improving Windows' ARM Compatibility, Poland Goes Nuclear, and AWS for Non-Techies

32: Modest Proposal Interview, What Druckenmiller Taught Kothari, Amazon Biometrics, Nvidia's Optimizations, and the Zodiac's Basement

31: Minimize or Embrace Chaos? Surfing S-Curves, Reed Hastings, Renewable Energy R&D, and Extragalactic Exoplanets

30: 1999 Bezos Interview, TikTok SNAFU, Amazon Launches Game Streaming Service, and Gavin Baker on Technology Investing

29: Constellation Software's Topicus Spin-Out, When Microsoft Tried to Buy Salesforce, Bezos Preschools, and Apple Books TSMC’s Entire 5nm Production

28: Stripe Deep-Dive, My Favorite Chart, TikTok's NatSec Farce, Microsoft Buys Games & Fishes Out a Datacenter

27: Snowflake's IPO, Transdigm, Amazon Drawdowns & Podcasts, TikTok's Jazz, Round 2 Founders, and NASA’s Crawler Transporter

26: My Thoughts on ARM + Nvidia, TikTok's Non-Sale, Snowflake IPO, Amazon's JOBS JOBS JOBS, and Vinyl Sales > CD Sales

25: Mark Leonard Interview, Snowflake Deep-Dive, Nvidia Pays $40bn for ARM, 31% of Shopify for $7m, TikTok to Oracle

24: My Thoughts on Peer-Based Relative Valuation, Reed Hastings on WFH, Amazon + India's Reliance ($20bn Deal?), Snowflake, and DUNE!!!

23: Berkshire Invests in Snowflake, My Thoughts on TIKR, Uber Deep Dive, Whisky Nest Egg, and Chess Boxing

22: My Thoughts on 'Internal Diversification', David Tepper vs Fax Machines, My Thoughts on Cloud Backups, John Arnold's Gas Trading

21: Mauboussin Interview, Trillions from Wikipedia, Disney Stunt Robots, TikTok a Car Without Wheels?

20: Are Stock Market Indices Ships of Theseus, Zoom Q2, Patrick Collison Interview, Three-Body Problem for Netflix

19: One of the Most Valuable Things I've Done in Recent Years, Snowflake Data Cloud Podcast, China Adds A.I. Algorithms to Export Controls

18: My Thoughts on Spotify & Podcasting, TikTok Madness, F-16 A.I. Dogfights, and Amazon Cancels Iain M. Banks TV Series

17: My Highlights on Snowflake & Unity IPO Filings, TikTok's Numbers from Court Filings, and How Fast Are You Spinning?

16: Nvidia Q2 Highlights, $9 Billion from LOL Dolls, and a Typo that Created a 212-Story Building

15: E-Commerce Surge, What Buffett Does that Doesn't Get Imitated, and Koala Fingerprints

14: My Thoughts on Roper, How MS Flight Simulator Built the World, and Oracle + TikTok?!

13: Gavin Baker's Intel Autopsy, Epic vs Apple, and Is Your Product a Kevlar Vest or a Plumbing Tool?

12: Andy Grove, China Makes Moves on TSMC, and Richard Feynman's Little Sister

11: AWS Chaos-as-a-Service, 400 Security Holes in 1 Chip, and the Many Faces of Lara Croft

10: Corporate Dark Arts, Bill Gates & Instagram Reels, and Tom from MySpace

9: ETF of Shopify Suppliers, 80,000 Amps of Current, and Hacked Artillery

8: Metaverse Masterclass, What Makes TikTok Tick, and Minecraft Inception

7: Microsoft + TikTok, Henry Singleton, and a Last Dance

6: How Costco Convinces Brands to Compete with Themselves, Zuck's 'Destroy Mode', and Bunnies

5: Gavin Baker on AI, Working with Bezos, and a Gun Bigger than a VW Beetle

4: Tobias Lütke, Giant Swords, and Bats Flying into Parked F117A Stealth Planes

3: Nvidia's Arm, Mars Pixels, and a Lady with an Axe

2: Software Insights, The Purpose of Technology, and The Future

1: Exploitation vs Exploration, Galactic Mass-Transit System, and Doom