Sitemap - 2022 - Liberty’s Highlights

361: Crowdstrike Q3, Cloudflare, ChatGPT AI, Apple's Slow China Exit, Hydropower, and Pipelines

360: Andy Jassy, TSMC + USA, Big Tech Comp, A16Z, AWS Innovations, NatGas, Copper, and Barry

359: Qualcomm, Neural Remasters, Google, Cloudflare, NeRFs Special FX, Time Wealth, and Unreal 5.1

Claude Shannon fan club with Jimmy Soni and David Senra (Transcript)

Claude Shannon fan club with Jimmy Soni and David Senra 📖

358: Buffett: Agency vs Determinism, Twitter, Tech Rebalancing, Paul Graham, Google TPUv4, and Nvidia Ray Tracing

357: Cloud Stocks Performance, iPhone Killers, FTC vs Microsoft, Wind Power, LNG, Clarinet Investor, and Hydropower

356: Kill Meetings, Nvidia's DC, Disney Intrigue, TSMC 3nm in US, College Regrets, Solar Power, Diablo Canyon, and SK Bridges

355: CSI:FTX, Cloudflare, Podcasting Economics, John Malone, Streaming Wars, DeepMind, Masayoshi Son, and Steve Jobs

354: Nvidia Q3, Apple & TSMC, Metal Mining, Cloudflare CAPEX, GPT-4, Omega 3, and Thoughts on Severance

Liberty's Business Model Change

353: Cloud CAPEX, Amazon Layoffs, Berkshire + TSMC, John Malone, Cultivated Meat, and Van Halen

352: How to Fix Twitter Verification, The Trade Desk Q3, FTX, 25 Biggest Cos, AMD, and AI Gait Analysis

351: Amazon Belt-Tightening, FTX, TSMC, Twitter, Google vs JPEG XL, Vitamin D, and Midjourney

350: Constellation Software, Nvidia, Twitter Ads & Paywalls, Microsoft Copilot, FTX, China, and Severance

349: Cloudflare Q3, Twitter Ad Targeting, Starlink, Big Tech: IPO vs Now, and The Sopranos on Disney+

348: Tacit Knowledge, Charter, Stripe Layoffs, Hollywood, Meta's Computational Biology AI, Floppy Disks, and Age Segregation

347: Ben Thompson's Pivot, Elon Musk + Twitter, Hyperscalers, Spotify Focus, Facebook Sentiment, and UV-C Lights

346: Generative AI + Advertising, AWS Growth, China & USA Decoupling, GlobalFoundries, FBI, Satellites, and Amadeus

345: Twitter A.D., Google, Zuck, BASF, Snowflake NRR, TSMC, Muscle Mass & Cognition, SpaceX & NASA

344: Apple 1984 Ad, Munger & China, Samsung Foundry, Tiktok Crackdown, Foxconn & Pegatron, Africa Population, and Military Logistics

343: Twitter's 75% Cuts?, TSMC + Japan, Stability AI & OpenAI, Supply Chains, Crypto Hacks, Germany's Coal, Mosquitoes, and Grand Theft Lebowski

Transcript: David Senra on Deadwood

342: Payment Button War, Mauboussin & ROIC, Outsourcing to China MYTHS, Biggest U.S. Lithium Mine, B-21, SpaceX & NASA + Hubble, and Deadwood

David Senra on Deadwood (also: founders, entrepreneurs, civilization, Henry Singleton, Walt Disney, David Ogilvy, etc)

341: Microsoft Sprinkling AI Everywhere, Starlink, Meta M&A Troubles, Cloudflare, Germany Nuclear, Heat Pumps, and my Stable Diffusion Experiment

340: SpaceX Starlink & Ukraine, China Semiconductors Cataclysm, Meta's Sad Worlds, WW1 Shooter, Digital Cameras, and Nvidia's 12GB RTX 4080 Un-Launch

339: Netflix's Ad-Tier, Can China 'Take' TSMC?, Apple's Post-China Plan, Microsoft + Facebook, Transmission, Cloud Energy Arbitrage, Nvidia 4090, and Rick Rubin

338: U.S. vs China's Semiconductors, Deglobalization, Google + Intel DPU, Facebook vs Nvidia, Honda & LG, Tiktok US Logistics, ARM vs Qualcomm, and Tombstone

337: Constellation Software 2022 M&A, U.S. Immigration is Off, Costco Hot Dogs, GE Wind Power, AI Sports Coach, Rucking, and 600 Years Old Painting

336: Could Apple Get Out of China?, Elon Musk + Twitter, ASML Documentary, Economics of 3D Assets, Micron's $100bn, and SR-71’s P&W J58 Engines

335: Google vs Amazon Capital Allocation, WTF is Levelized Cost of Energy, Nvidia vs China, Canadian Oil, AI-Assisted Doctors, and Bruce Willis Deepfake Rights

334: One Hobart!, Apple vs TSMC, Meta Cuts, Google Kills Stadia, Henry Singleton & Apple IPO, Cloudflare e-SIMs, DALL-E 2, and Three-Body Problem on Netflix

333: Expectations, Cloudflare's Battleground, Starlink, Apple + India, Pipeline Sabotage?, ASML CTO Interview, Epigenetic Clocks, and Darth Vader AI

332: Lithium, Semiconductors Cycle, Europe's Losses, Automotive Chip Shortage SNAFU, France & US Power Stack, Faster Horses, Detroit Pizza, and Breaking Bad AI

I was interviewed by Market Sentiment

331: Double Jensen/Nvidia, ARM + Samsung, Google vs Dolby, Coal Curve, Norway's 13F, F-35, U.S. Traffic Fatalities, Shoe Update, and Deadwood

330: Nvidia GTC, Preparedness paradox, Stratechery Plus, Cloudflare Deep Dives, RISC-V + NASA, AI Voice Disease Diagnostics, and Bladerunner 2099

329: Stylistic Fluidity Through AI, Shopify Flex Comp, Figma + Adobe, Gen Z vs Social Media, Steve Jobs, Musk & Buffett, and Converting Coal Plants to Nuclear

Going Deep on the Energy Crisis and Nuclear Power with Mark Nelson (Part 2 of 2) 🔌⚡️💡

Transcript: Going Deep on the Energy Crisis and Nuclear Power with Mark Nelson (Part 2 of 2)

328: Snowflake Saturation, Amazon DTC Push vs Shopify, Danaher Slice, Adobe + Figma, US vs China, Coal & Battery Prices, and Streaming Emmys

327: Thoughts on AI-Art and Ethics, I'm Interviewed, China Semiconductors, AMD, AMETEK, Coal Mountain, Cloudflare, and Pro-Human Environmentalism

326: Fintwit's Paradox, Thoughts on AI-Generated Art & Midjourney, Tesla's Lithium Refinery, China vs US, Cyborg Programmers, and U.S. Energy

325: Thoughts on iPhone 14, Cloudflare Infrastructure, Inside the CCP, Airlines Pilot Shortage, China’s SMIC 7nm, Korean Babies, and Musical Instruments

Transcript: Going Deep on the Energy Crisis and Nuclear Power with Mark Nelson (Part 1 of 2)

Going Deep on the Energy Crisis and Nuclear Power with Mark Nelson (Part 1 of 2) 🔌⚡️💡

324: Microsoft Combat Goggles, History of AWS, Disney Prime, Netflix Ads, Crowdstrike 101, Internet Stocks, Demographics Crisis, Robots, and AI Artists

323: Nvidia's China Ban, TSMC on Chip Shortage, iPhone Market Share, German Automakers + Canada, Diablo Canyon, Heat-Pumps, and AI Wins Art Contest

322: Find the Worst Businesses, Roper & Thoma Bravo, David Senra, Passion Projects, Exporting Solid Electricity, Vista, EVs Minus Cobalt, and Flying Wings

321: Thoughts on Snowflake Q2, TSMC's Electricity Bill, Good & Bad Kilowatts, Desalination, Directionless Thinking, Status of Actors vs Characters

320: Lots of Thoughts on Nvidia Q2, Intel + Brookfield Asset Management, South Korea Fertility, Japan & Nuclear, Su-57 vs F/A-18 Super Hornet, and Treme

319: Post-Acquisition Trajectories, Qualcomm Server CPUs,, Diablo Canyon, Koyfin, China's Hydro, Grand Theft Auto's 1995 Design Docs, Mad Men

318: The Trade Desk Q2, Optimal Industry Structure, Google Fiber, Accumulated Knowledge in Investing, U.S. Coal, Heat Pump Subsidies, and Notable People Map

317: Nvidia's Wheel Fell Off, Next Valeant?, Micron's US Capex, EV F-150 Inflation, Dogfighting a Real Pilot, Dow + X-Energy, and David McCullough & John Adams

316: Cloudflare Q2, TikTok vs Google & Facebook, Comcast & Charter, Twilio's Biggest Risk, Visa Founder Dee Hock, DALL·E 2, Wifi 7, and George Carlin

315: CHIPS Act, AMD Q2, Amazon Q2, Datadog Q2, Transdigm Part 4, Thoma Bravo + Ping, Intel's Xeon Bugs, and Competitive NES Tetris

314: Value Creation vs Value Extraction, Nvidia, Data Usage, Visa's Founder, Will Thorndike, Ford's Battery Supply, IT Security, YF-23 vs F-22, and Doom

313: Intel's Very Bad Q2, AMD, Nick Howley on Transdigm, Topicus, Texas Instruments, NuScale, F-4 Phantom vs F-35, and Mad Men Final Season

312: Microsoft Q2, Visa & Mastercard + Durbin 2.0, Jack Ma & Ant Group, Heico's Biggest Acquisition Ever, and Deepmind Alphafold's 200m Protein Structures

311: Big Tech Hiring, Shopify Layoffs, Facebook VR, Amazon, Intel + MediaTek, TSMC & Samsung Cheating?, US Power Grid, and Tony Hawk

310: Transdigm, Roper, Samsung in Texas, TSMC, James Webb Space Telescope, Google DeepMind, F-22 and SU-57, and Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer

309: Chip Foundries, Minecraft on NFTs, Walmart's Innovation, Netflix vs Disney+ vs HBO, the Economics of Blade Runner, Ports, DALL-E, and Apple Watch

308: Two Year Anniversary, Discord Community, Shopify + Youtube, Billionaire Phones, AWS Graviton $, Time Travel, Solar Jobs, and Facebook AI

307: Volkswagen aims at Tesla in Batteries, Amazon Private Label, Volaris as Mini-Constellation, Metaverse, Stripe, Solar Efficiency Record, Geothermal, and Taste

306: Nick Howley on Transdigm's History, Youtube Inner Workings, Netflix + Microsoft, Great Resignation/ Remorse, China's Lithium Dominance, and Fentanyl

305: Amazon's Cancer Vaccine, BWX Technologies, Roper 101, Disney + Trade Desk, Digital Infrastructure, James Webb Space Telescope, and Lithium Batteries

304: The Automation Paradox, Starlink Maritime, Multiple Lives of EV Batteries, Disney and Comcast's Hulu Dilemma, Andrew Huberman, and the US Navy

303: Cloudflare, China & Solar Power, Shopify, Apple Security, Payments, Meta Translation AI, Manufacturing Migration, Eye Health 101, and Top Gun (again)

Going deep on Payments with Mostly Borrowed Ideas (MBI): Adyen, PayPal, Stripe, Square, Amazon, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard!

Transcript: Going deep on Payments with Mostly Borrowed Ideas (MBI)

302: Constellation's 714 Acquisitions Since 2005, Ringelmann effect, Microsoft Azure Troubles, Netflix Austerity, Predicting AI Progress, and Gaming $$$

301: Nasdaq, TSMC, TikTok, Facebook, Amazon Robotics Patents, E-commerce, Amazon vs SpaceX, Coal Surge, and F/A-18 Super Hornet Karaoke

300: Payments Industry, Bill Gurley, Samsung 3nm, TikTok, US Rail, Coal, Geothermal Breakthrough?, Video Games Characters, and My Thoughts on Top Gun

299: Tech Layoffs, ARM's IPO, Real-time Starlink, EVs, Singapore Manufacturing, Germany + Canada, Corn Ethanol is Terrible, and Air Pollution & Your Brain

298: Top Gun, Constellation Software in One Graph, Amazon Robots, Andy Jassy Interview, Snowflake Apps, Anduril, OpenAI vs Minecraft, and Six Feet Under

297: Facebook's Metaverse R&D, Amazon Prime Creation, PayPal Deep Dive, TSMC Roadmap, Russian Hackers vs LNG Facility?, and Sriracha Shortage

296: Constellation Software, SONY, the AWS of Advanced Manufacturing, LEGO, China vs Starlink, Solar System Vortex, Blender, and Fantastic Mr. Fox

295: Permanent Loss, Apple's Neural Engine, Aerospace Recovery, Business Survival, Systems Thinking, Great Reshuffle, Heat Pumps, and DALL-E 2

294: Bezos Blamed?, Wrecked by Success, Apple M2, Multiples Compression, Ad Market, Carbon Offset Scams, Cancer Good News, and The Last of Us

293: Headcount, Starlink at War, Google Imagen & LaMDA AI, Coinbase, China's Solar Grip, Precision Agriculture, Commodities as Meme, and Heat Pumps

292: Druckenmiller & Collison, Constellation Software, Nvidia's A.I. Factories, Air Traffic, Aswath Damodaran, Semiconductors, Grid-Scale Batteries, and Blender

291: From Amazon to Flexport, Nvidia's Jensen on the Most Valuable Software Ever, Spotify, Twitter & Musk, Crowdstrike, Microsoft, and SpaceX's Shotwell

290: Amazon vs FedEx vs UPS, Apple M2 and Macbook Air, Aging Aircrafts, Housing Affordability, Heat Pumps, MRIs, a Passwordless Web, Psychos, and E.T.

289: Costco vs Sam’s Club, Heico, Crowdstrike, Spotify, Nokia & RIM vs Apple, Oil Demand Destruction, India's Baby Bust, Trained Rats, and DALL-E 2's Taste

288: Roper did it, Elastic's Two Cities, Cloudflare Time Machine, Ryan Petersen of Flexport, MBI on Adyen, Apollo Photos, and the Swimmer Body's Illusion

287: Constellation Software, Qualcomm on ARM, Hiring Robots, Cloudflare, Rockefeller, Micronutrients, Agricultural Decoupling, and China's Solar & Coal

David Senra of Founders Podcast (Podcast #11)

Transcript: David Senra of Founders Podcast (Podcast #11)

286: Stripe Financials, Constellation Software CFO Interview, SONY EVs, Cloudflare on Multi-Cloud, Amazon's Worldwide Warehouses, and Heat Pumps

285: Nvidia Q1, VMware + Broadcom, Cloudflare S-Curves, 70% Inflation, Fertilizer Prices, EV Charging, Microsoft's Keystone, and AWS' Graviton 3 ARM CPUs

284: Amazon Excess Capacity, Elastic + AWS, Weaponized Starvation, Shopify's Tobi Lütke, Cloudflare's Evolving Bundle, and Fertility

283: 100 Big Tech Employees vs OPEC, TSMC + Apple, March 2020 vs Now, Cloudflare's Platform-Building, Buffett, Dan McMurtrie, SpaceX, and Hiring Freeze

282: Amazon, Cloudflare's Meta-Product, Stripe & Databricks, Nintendo, AI-Tailored Media, 1993 AT&T Ad, Google Subsea Fiber, and Video Games as 'Literature'

281: Mark Leonard's Letters, SAAS Multiples, Commodity Producers' CapEx vs Capital Returns, Microsoft, Google's TPUv4, and Jurassic Park's CGI

280: NASDAQ Crashes since 1988, Nvidia's A.I. Era, Cable's ROI Arbitrage, 2021 ARM Results, Zoom, Roper $3bn Divestiture, 2 Billion Years Old Nuclear Reactor

279: Mark Leonard's $1bn Thermal Oil Idea, Twitter Fires Kayvon, Elon Musk on Everything, Trade Desk Q1, Ted Weschler, Germany's LNG, and the UK's Nuclear

278: Bubbles, TSMC Pricing Power, Elon Musk & Content Moderation, Tiger Global, Netflix Ad-Supporter Tier & Password Crackdown, and Intel vs Nvidia

Cedric Chin: What Operators can Teach Investors, the Study of Expertise, Knowledge Shields, and More (Podcast #10)

Transcript: Podcast #10 with Cedric Chin

277: Constellation Software Capital Deployment, Cloudflare Q1, Data vs Opinion-Driven Decisions, Tech & Media Stocks in 2022, and Russia's Oil & Gas

276: Market Crash, Why Gaming isn't 'Tech', Opportunity Cost & Alpha, Regenerative Therapies, a Passwordless Web, and Rebranding nuclear power

275: Thoughts on Amazon, Why Pessimism Sounds Smart, Scale of Big Tech, Flexport 101, China's COVID-Zero Folly, Diablo Canyon, Gloomy Europe, and WOTS

274: NASDAQ Underbelly, Mark Leonard's 7 Lessons, Coca-Cola Riddle, Big Tech CapEx, ML Algos, Feynman on Trees, 1m Oura Rings, an Anne Applebaum

273: Microsoft Q1, Twitter's Oops, Coke vs Pepsi, Apple M1 Ultra, Crypto Rule-Hacking, Electricity Map, AMA Podcast, and Automatic Painting

Podcast #9: Ask Me Anything #2

272: Shopify vs Amazon Logistics, Microsoft Cloud, Young Druckenmiller, Jeff Bezos 2017 Letter, Adyen Hitting the Brakes?, Nuclear Fusion, and Bilingualism

271: Media & Tech Content Spend, Lithium Nationalism, Crowdstrike, Bill Ackman, SpaceX Starlink, Unreal 5, Scuttleblurb, Oil & Gas Pipelines, and Neal Stephenson

270: Amazon Buy with Prime, Risk, Elon Musk + Twitter, Pseudonymity, Advertising Slice of US GDP, Oceanic Shipping Lanes, Ray Traced Doom, and Graphic Novels

269: Ads on Netflix, Amazon vs Shopify, Google Aquila, Blue Collar to Tech Jobs, Microsoft & In-Game Ads, Gavin Baker, and Farming Logistics

268: Ads on Netflix Revisited, Hyperscalers vs Independent Infrastructure SaaS, US Immigration Stalling, Tinder for Investors, SpaceX, and Lightfall

267: Crowdstrike, Andy Jassy's 1st Letter as Amazon CEO, Epic's Metaverse, Tesla's Giga Texas, Least Common Denominator, and Albini's Letter to Nirvana

266: Buffett Should Buy Texas Instruments Instead of HP, Berkshire + Microsoft Alternate Timeline, UK & South-Korea Nuclear U-Turns, Nvidia, and Bojack

Podcast Transcript: Going deep on Constellation Software with Mostly Borrowed Ideas (MBI)

Koyfin CEO & Co-Founder Rob Koyfman (Podcast interview)

Podcast Transcript: Koyfin CEO & Co-Founder Rob Koyfman

265: Stripe 2021 Financials (vs Adyen), Shopify Comp, Crowdstrike, Food Prices, Pulling Over Self-Driving Cars, Google's PaLM AI, Fortnite, and Nathaniel Rateliff

264: Lithium-Ion Learning Curve, Boeing Multi-Clouding, JD, Rory Sutherland, Pro-Entropic Investing, DALL·E 2, MS Azure + ARM, and Lin-Manuel Miranda

263: Certain vs Uncertain, Constellation Software Capital Deployment 2015-2022, Netflix Ads?, Robots as a Service (RaaS), U.S. Nuclear Power, and Billie Eilish

262: Elon Musk + Twitter, Facebook AI Problems?, Nvidia's NVLink, Podcasts as Internal Business Tool, Aircraft Carriers, Telegram PSA, and Kenny G (?!)

261: Red Flags, AIs, Constellation, Adyen, Snowflake + Amazon, Robots in Pharmacies, Battery Investments, Green Metals, Wind & Solar, and Defibrillator Drones

260: Story of Nvidia (1993-2006), Axie Infinity $625m Hack, PlayStation Plus vs MS Game Pass, Fake AI-Generated People, Russian Aviation, and Heat Pumps

Going deep on Constellation Software with Mostly Borrowed Ideas (MBI)

259: Nvidia Investor Day, Spotify & Google, Lapsu$ Hackers, Constellation Software, Lord of the Rings in Silicon Valley, Microsoft AI, and Boogie Nights

258: Nvidia + Intel Foundry?, Constellation Software Podcast, Youtube, Trillion Transistors, Global Film & TV Market, Canada Gigafactory, and Immortal Nuclear

257: Nvidia's 34 Announcements, Taiwan's Engineer Shortage, Datadog, Cadence Software, James Webb, Crowdstrike on the Dark Web, and Clever Statues

256: Nvidia, Porsche EVs, Datadog, Microsoft CFO, Github Copilot AI, Berkshire + Alleghany, Construction Costs, and David Simon's New Baltimore Show

255: Netflix Crackdown, Altimeter's Brad Gerstner, Amazon + MGM, Everbridge, Planes in Russia, MSCI China Index, Cyber-Warfare, RISC-V, and Carl Icahn

254: ARM After Nvidia, Adyen 101, Google Cloud Pricing, Discord IPO, EV CAGR, Apple M2, Intel in Europe, Annual Probabilities, and Defiant Ones

253: Constellation Software in One Graph, Cloudflare's Model, Dan McMurtrie, Russia vs Facebook, Apple M2, Google Maps, Hydropower, and Licorice Pizza

252: Crowdstrike Q4, My Apple Order, Tyler, Amazon, Snowflake, Sony Gaming, Cloudflare, Logistics SNAFU, and Visa/Mastercard on Speed vs Fraud

251: Paypal, Snowflake vs GCP, Apple's M1 Ultra, Network Effects Warfare, AWS, Google + Mandiant, SmileDirectClub, Nickel, Cloudflare & CrowdStrike

250: Berkshire vs Shopify & Zoom, Microsoft, Disney+, Nvidia Hack, S&P Global, Visa & Mastercard & AMEX, and Patching Security Holes

249: Constellation's Biggest Acquisition Ever, Snowflake Q4, Visa & Mastercard, Facebook Capex, Steve Jobs, Twitter, and MSCI & FTSE & Moody's

248: Heico, Second Option Bias, Big Tech & Russia, Microsoft on Cyberwar Frontlines, Exxon, Anti-Nuclear NGOs, On-Prem Incentives, and Thoughts on Ukraine

247: Microsoft, Ukraine, Koyfin, Nvidia, TSMC & Samsung, Nord Stream 2, Ethereum Hack, World Shipping, Good Will Hunting, and Anthony Bourdain

246: Shopify vs Apple & Google, Cloudflare, Intel's Pat Gelsinger, Tesla, Amazon Go, Psychedelics, Sound Waves for Stem Cells, and Rules for Rulers

245: Atlassian, Snowflake's Frank Slootman, Chasing Flow States, Roach Capital, Leverage, Airbus' Hydrogen Plane, North-Korea Hack, and AI Finds Historical Faces

Podcast #6: Jimmy Soni on the PayPal Mafia (Musk, Thiel, Levchin, etc), startups, tech, the research process, and much more

244: Metamates, Constellation Software M&A, Google Deepmind vs Fusion, Carl Icahn, Semiconductors, Masimo, Real Flywheels, and Dev-in-a-box Coding AI

243: Shopify's Muskets, Nvidia Q4, Elastic & AWS, Jim Keller & TSMC, Intel Discrete GPUs, Thinking in Cohorts, Renewable Energy, and Aerial Footage

242: New PayPal Book Giveaway, Databricks, Google's ATT, Shopify Logistics pt.4, Bill Nygren, IAC, RISC-V, Factorio, Cast Iron, and King Richard

241: Cloudflare Q4, Streaming Churn, Construction Costs, SpaceX, Deepmind AI + Youtube, Fusion Breakthrough, Bloomberg vs Coal, and Type I & II Fun

240: Constellation Software Q4, Amazon Footprint on Toronto, David Tepper, Ports, Microsoft + Mandiant?, Canada, Cash for Clunkers, and Hydropower for NYC

239: Nvidia+ARM is Dead, Nvidia + RISC-V?, ARM IPO, Intel Foundry Services, Starlink, Apple + Peloton?, Flexport, Nuclear Shipping, Stripe, and Spielberg

238: Amazon Q4 Highlights, 'Cheap' & 'Expensive', Akre Capital, Texas Instruments, $META, Apple M1 Getting Old, and Dune 1984 Shield FXs

237: My Son has COVID, Microsoft's Growth, Amazon Primed, Semiconductors, Gorillas and Tornadoes, Flexport, Nintendo, EVs, and Starlink Premium

236: Mark Leonard's New Letter + Q&A for VMS Founders, Sony Bungie Jumps, Tobi from Shopify + Coinbase, Grid-Scale Liquid-Metal Batteries, and Taylor Swift

235: Re-Founding CEOs, Capturing vs Creating Value, Intel Deep-Dive, Airline Pilot Shortage, Robinhood, Hydropower, Medieval Elephants, and Mad Men S6

234: Microsoft Q4 Thoughts, Apple vs Square, Facebook & Google Crypto, 2021 US Retail, Global Coal, 101 Wireless, and Let's Make a Bowl

233: Nvidia Giving Up on ARM?, Netflix FCF, Microsoft & Tiktok & Twitter, Shopify Logistics, Spotify Drama, Facebook Supercomputer, Gavin Baker, and OpenSea

Interview with David Kim a.k.a. Scuttleblurb (2022 Edition)

232: Intel Building Taiwan in Ohio?, Shopify Logistics pt.2, Big Tech Fiber, EV Efficiency, Open Source Faux Pas, Star Wars Trench Run, and CODA

231: Amazon vs Walmart, Snowflake's Frank Slootman, Increasing Bet Size, Internet vs Datacenter Traffic, Ontario SMR, and WWII Unintended Consequences

230: Microsoft + Activision, Spotify Deep-Dive, What's Static?, Beanie Babies, North Korean Crypto Hackers, Netherlands, Canada & Psychedelics, and Terminator 2

229: Crowdstrike Investment Difficulties, Spotify's Incentives, Jodorowsky's Dune Book DAO, AWS Graviton3 ARM CPU, and Elon Musk on WWII Planes

228: Zoom Mountain, TSMC Capex, Stripe & Cloudflare Hiring, Roper 2.0, Binance's Founder, CRISPR Pig Heart, Elastic, Nuclear Regrets, and Pixar's 1994 Lunch

227: Hyperscaler Cloud Crossroads?, Danaher 101, Nvidia + ARM vs UK Regulators, DuckDuckGo, RIP Lou Simpson, MBS Issuance, and Fancy Cards

226: Constellation Software in One Graph, ARK vs Regional Banks, TSMC Expertise, China's Auto Industry, James Webb Telescope, and Don't Look Up

225: TSMC Culture Clash, Costco, NFT Tax Fraud?, Dave Portnoy & YOLO Wolf, Clubhouse, Stellantis, Psilocybin, Healthcare, and Rodrigo y Gabriela

224: Shopify Logistics, Flexport CEO on Global Supply Chain SNAFU, Constellation Software, Buffett's Apple, ASML, OpenSea Freezes, and Band of Brothers Sequel

223: Blackberry vs iPhone, Thoma Bravo, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Dow Jones FU Chart, Germany Shuts Down 3 Nuclear Plants, and Cameron & Villeneuve