Sitemap - 2021 - Liberty’s Highlights

222: From 3D Bezos to 2D Meme, Serial Acquirers & Constellation Software, CDC SNAFU, China's Actual Population 10% Lower?, and PhD Whisky

221: Crypto vs. Non-Crypto, How Bezos Asked Jassy, Brooklyn Investor, Steve Jobs & Larry Ellison Anecdote, Apple Slowing Down iPhones?, and Firefly Reboot

220: Management Quality vs Tangible/Intangible Assets, Growth vs ROIC, Nvidia BlueField-2, Snowflake vs AWS, F-14 Birthday, and Economic Value of Aging

219: Zscaler, Winner Maximization, Tiktok #1 in 2021, Minecraft's Trillion Views, Gavin Baker, Geothermal, Omicron, and Plastic-Eating Bacteria

218: Inside GPT-3, Equinix, Drone Delivery, Machine Learning Everywhere, Summer Redstone Anecdote, Storing Data in DNA, and Nutrients For Brain Health

217: Hyperscaler Infrastructure Layer, Scale Economics Shared, Reddit IPO, Ultrasonic Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation, Paxlovid, Power Grids, and Villeneuve's Rama

216: Myth of the Average Investor, Henry Singleton and Long-Term Plans, Disney vs TSMC, Koyfin, Tesla FSD on Deadliest Road, and Log4J's Cyber Pandemic

215: S&P500 Composition vs CAPE, Amazon Feet, Training Exponentials, COVID Beneficiaries, Log4J Vulnerability, Tor Attacks, and a Self-Balancing Cube

214: Enough Multiverse, CEO Stock Ownership, Cloudflare, Stanley Druckenmiller, Tren Griffin, Pinker on Nuclear Power, Oura Ring Gen 3, and Cologne Cathedral

213: Amazon Logistics vs Fedex/UPS, Microsoft Office Pricing, Intel Mobileye IPO, Omicron Updates, Valuation Subjectivity, Hubble, and PlayStation 5 Design

212: Snowflake Q3, Cloud Scale, Spotify vs Comedians, TSMC's Morris Chang on Intel, Chinese Billionaires, and California's Last Nuclear Power Plant

211: Crowdstrike Q3, AWS re:Invent Keynote, Microsoft's Zoomier Teams, Facebook + AWS, Nvidia + ARM FTC Trouble, The Oil Drum (RIP), NFTs & Gaming, and Starlink

210: The Nuclear Brothers Edition (Fission & Fusion), OpenAI GPT-4, Neglected Superpower, Market-Timing, AWS Graviton 3 ARM CPUs, and Zelda's Open World

209: Semiconductor Capex, Shopify, FICO, Omicron Variant, Google vs Hackers, Funding a Renaissance, Careful What you Let Into the Core, and The Beatles Get Back

208: Constellation Software Launches VMS Venture Fund, Cloudflare & AWS, Shopify, Ocean Shipping SNAFU, Spotify's Tiktok, Amazon Holiday Logistics, and AMD & Qualcomm

207: Constitution DAO Hangover, CCP & Tencent, Investing in Cannabis, Charter, Koyfin, Terrapower & Nuclear Power, Planet Labs, Geomicrobiology, and HBO's Treme

206: Cloudflare & AWS CEO Interviews, Tesla, Are You Playing to Win the Actual Game?, Flexport CEO on Global Logistics, Ford & Rivian EVs, and Global Solar Power Capacity

205: Double-Dose of Nvidia (Q3 Earnings & Jensen Huang Interview), John Malone Interview, Good Guy FTC, Nuclear Protests, Habanero Sauce, and Dune (again, I know)

204: Nvidia + ARM, SDC vs Align, Liviam's Investing Checklist, Rivian, NFTs, MoviePass, Twitter, Rotten Tomatoes, Russian Tests Anti-Satellite Missile, and Elementary Education

203: Twitter's Bad Move, Invest like Buffett does M&A, Upstart, S&P Global & IHS Markit, Nvidia & ARM, Obsidian, James Clear, Chip Shortage, and Drone Attacks

202: The Trade Desk Q3, Rivian IP😮, Complexity Investing & Semiconductors, Unity + Weta, Microsoft & Facebook, Affirm Whiplash, SpaceX vs Boeing, and Cast Iron

201: Cloudflare Q3 Highlights, Microsoft Q3, Nvidia = Coolest Company in the World?, Facebook/Meta + AMD, US Energy Infrastructure, TSMC & Sony, and Asimov's Foundation

200: Growing Shared Knowledge, Live Nation, Apple & Tesla, Market Schadenfreude, Microsoft, Nick Kokonas, Eric Schmidt, Github Copilot AI, and Apple Semi Execs Interview on M1

199: Constellation Q3, Cloudflare's Expanded Horizon, Diminishing Returns, Microsoft vs Notion, the Brain's Binary Language, and Death toll of WWII in Europe

198: Bezos' Inner Bill Gates, Unintended Consequences, Crowdstrike, Bored Apes, Zillow, Grown Meat, Picking Poker Tables, Orbital Banana, and Mad Men Sociology

197: Amazon's 20% Rivian Stake, Cloudflare, Microsoooooft, Working from Home, 3D Vision with Analog Computing, Zuckerberg's MANGA, and a Dune Scene Deconstructed

196: Me on Infinite Loops, Facebook goes Meta, Cloud Software Growth Durability, Supply Issues, Learning to Invest, Recycled EV Batteries, VR for 2D, and Bluegrass

195: I did a Podcast, Facebook vs Apple on VR, Microsoft, Intel on Supply Chain, S&P Global, Market Efficiency Cuts Both Ways, Bill Miller, EV Forecasts, and Oppenheimer biopic

194: Tesla vs Facebook, Roper Going Danaher/Teledyne?, Intel Steps on It, Flexport Saves Xmas, Playboy NFTs, Nvidia, Robert Cialdini, Russia's Firewall, and My Thoughts on Dune

193: Incentive Alignment, Robotized Trains, China May Pry Open Tencent & Bytedance, Toyota EVs & Bad Taste, Exponent, Paypal + Pinterest, and Cthulhu’s Babies

192: Apple's M1 Pro & Max Crushing Intel, Toyota Waking Up on EVs?, Backblaze IPO, Alibaba's Custom ARM Chips, Standard Oil, Safest Power, and Hell Let Loose

191: Negawatts, Global Foundries S-1, Amazon, Satya Nadella, AMD, Google's Edge, Ford F-150 EV, Nuclear Power, Malaria Vaccine, Lance Armstrong, and the Veil Nebula

190: Apple Chip Shortage, TSMC & Sony, Ben Thompson 2.0, Michael Mauboussin, Cloudflare's Share, Microsoft + Nvidia's 530bn Parameters AI Model, and Let it Be

189: Cloudflare's Secret Sauce pt.2, Peter Lynch's Lucky vs Unlucky, Non-Practising Gamers, Genome Sizes, Zelda's Violin, Supply Chain Issues, and Blue Longhorn Beetle

188: Tech Profit Pool, Facebook, Psych 101: Change Blindness, Nvidia's ARM Deal, Schrödinger’s Financial Headlines, Tesla's HQ, Apple's A15 Performance, and Google's AlphaFold

187: Interrogative-led Questions, Facebook's Ashes, Google Making CPUs, Sarah Tavel, Tobias Carlisle, Virtual Unreality, The Looming Tower, and Roger Takes LSD

186: Roper Divests Transcore, Rivian IPO, Amazon Fulfilment Centers, Apple Safari 15 Design Blunder, Owning Stocks vs Businesses, How Hackers Copy Keycards, and Abbey Road

185: Satya Nadella's Strangest Deal, Daniel Ek, Cloudflare in the Basement, Apple A15, OSAM, Ho Nam, AI Model Size, ASML Investor Day, and Chronobiology

184: Zoom P/S, Cloudflare Birthday Week + R2 Big Deal, Laser Eyes and Prison Tattoos, Bezos <3 Blue Origin, DNA Data Storage, and Raiders of the Lost Ark

183: AirPods Decision, Ben Graham's Cigars vs GEICO, Google GCP Take Rate, Bill Brewster, Nick Kokonas, Talking Horse, Mr. Rogers, and Isaac Asimov & HIV/AIDS

182: AirPods Requiem, Cloud 100 Infrastructure, Nvidia's AI Dominance, Right vs Wrong Biz Simplification, Twitter, Lab-Grown Meat, Cryptopunks, and Polymetric Rapping

181: Mark Leonard, Software Base Rates, Airbnb Creeps, GitLab's Unicorn Cohorts, Twitter, Amazon, China Evergrande EVs, Longevity Science, and Covid19 vs 1918 Flu

180: Berkshire Incentives, Yandex & Google, Twilio, Drug R&D Costs, DeepMind AlphaFold2, Integrated Circuit Design File Format, Early Apple Stories, and Perverse Academia

179: Microsoft's New Cybersecurity Head Was Almost Amazon CEO, Cloudflare Speed Week, Square, Apple A15, Maui Nui Venison, Coal 1-2, and Lady Jane Grey

178: Apple iPhone 13 Event, TSMC!, Horn Chart of Compute, Larry & Sergei, Amazon, Datadog, Omega 3, Semiconductors, Pseudonymous vs Anonymous, and Kinetic Sculptures

177: Worthy Buybacks, Microsoft's DEFCON Moment, Solana, Tesla's Dojo, Apple's Epic Court Decision, Elisabeth Bik vs Cheaters, Permissionless Collaboration, and Soap

176: The S&P500 *Inside* Amazon, China vs Video Games, Liquid Death, Heico, Constellation Software, Neutrino Detection, Swedish Blood Donors, and Combined mRNA

175: Ho Nam, WCM, Cloudflare 11th Generation, Health Thoughts, Selling a Process for 2 & 20, Intel & Europe, Company Benchmarking, Norway's EVs, and Richard Turner

Interview with Ho Nam of Altos Ventures

174: Twitter Interest Graph & Creation, Capped Growth Thought Experiment, Copying Products, Amazon, Big Apple App Store Change, Sugar & Carbs, and Marc Rubinstein

173: Amazon Hiring Everyone, Crowdstrike Q2, TSMC Double-Dipping, Constellation Software, Fastly, RenTech RenTax, Lab Grown Salmon, Chip Shortage, and Card Mechanics

172: If Your Portfolio was a Single Business, Google's Messaging, Datadog, Golden Handcuffs, Neuro Athletics, Berkshire's Tech, VR Couple, WebGPU, and Rick & Morty

171: Microsoft & Google Cybersecurity, Amazon + Affirm, Rivian IPO, OnlyFans, Jim O'Shaughnessy, Dan McMurtrie, Chip Shortage, Economic Value of Aging, iPhone Battery

170: Nvidia Q2 Highlights, Misguided Mastercard vs OnlyFans, GlobalFoundries IPO, Microsoft Pricing, Tiktok Drama, and Cloudflare's Biggest DDoS

169: Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson, Nvidia Reveals CGI Jensen Spoke During Keynote, Do You Have 2 Remote Jobs?, Reddit Going Tiktok, Intel's Time to Build, and McCartney & Rubin

168: AWS Wins $10bn Secret NSA Contract, A16Z, Tiktok & Facebook, Greatest Engineer Recruiter Ever, Constellation Software Resilience, Putin vs COVID19, Twitter, and Deadwood

167: Jeff Bezos 2004, VR & Gaming, Apple, The Trade Desk + Connected TV, Differentiated Pricing, FTX Leverage, Most Successful Cyber Attack in History, and Instagram Scams

166: Cloudflare Q2, FANG 2013-2021, Constellation Software Earnings, Nuclear Power Historical Overview, Pasta Upgrade, and Good Night Mare

165: Datadog's Marketing, Nvidia Trivia, Fastly vs Cloudflare, Nintendo Switched On, Robinhood, Radical Life-Extension/Rejuvenation, Hard-Drives, and 3D Dragons

164: Amazon Q2, Google Custom Silicon, China vs Video Games, Databricks Interview, Sanctions vs Semiconductor Catchup, Demography, and Rick Rubin & Paul McCartney

163: Square + Afterpay, Business Value of Good Taste, Softbank's ARM Ownership, Topicus & Vela (Constellation), Major Software Trends, and Berkshire AGMs as Podcasts

162: Cloudflare Impact Week, XPEL's Next 100-Bagger Idea, Apple Wearables, S&P Global, Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure, Microsoft's No/Low-Code, and Zelda

161: China Govt vs China Big Tech, Texas Instruments, WallStreetBets, AI for Food, Amazon Kindle, Stewart Butterfield & Systems Thinking, and a Battleship Turret

160: When Zuckerberg Emailed Spiegel, Amazon & Rivian EVs, Akre & Topicus, Crowdstrike & SentinelOne, Ben Horowitz & Marc Andreessen, Roper on M&A, and Early-Observers

159: EVE Online GDP Report (MMORPG), Twitter Downvotes, Nvidia RTX on ARM, Cloudflare on DDoS (600gbps/sec!), Value Pricing for Vertical Market Software, and Parmesan

158: Fin-FANG Redux, Constellation Software Organizational Design, Obsidian, Bezos to Space (Elon Next?), Computational Biology, Patrick Quinn, and Mare of Easttown

Interview with an Hyper-Successful Creator on OnlyFans + Patreon + Twitch + Youtube + Instagram (Millions of followers, Earning ˜$1.4 million/month)

157: Fin-FANG, Investment Milestones, Opportunity Cost, Amazon + Facebook's Satellite Group, Teslas for Referrals, Valve Steam Deck, and Microsoft's Cloud PCs (Win365)

156: Swanson's Law, Intel + GlobalFoundries (˜$30bn), Tether?, Roku Deep Dive, Nvidia on Die Sizes, Super Mario 64, Bezos' Space Ride, Twitter's Fleeting Fleets, and Mothy

155: The Microsoft Inside Apple, Invidia (not a typo), ByteDance IPO, the REALIST Tech Stack, David Sacks, India's Coal, Richard Branson, Hugh Jackman, and The Office

154: Video Game Pricing, Amazon Book, Brad Gerstner & Rich Barton, ByteDance IPO, Net Revenue Retention, Africrypt, JPEG XL, Do They Use Their Own Product?, and Dash Cams

153: Nvidia (x4!), Stripe IPO, Standardized Units of Exercise (SUE), Ho Nam & Fun as Competitive Advantage, Ted Weschler’s Retirement Account, and Psilocybin vs Depression

152: Pentagon Goes Nuclear on JEDI, What's Your Edge?, Time Travel, Andy Jassy, Josh Tarasoff, Ocado Robots, 1% Vaccinated, Nintendo's New Switch, and Mad Men Subtext

151: Nvidia's Weight, Look-Through Cash, Frank Slootman on Snowflake, $10m Xbox Gift Card Heist, OnlyFans Biz Talk, TSMC 3nm + Apple & Intel, and The Night the Stars Fell

150: SentinelOne, Amazon, Twitter, Confluent, Cloudflare, Beanie Babies, Marc Andreessen, Rory Sutherland, Tiktok, Concorde @ Mach 2, Air Travel, and a Sopranos Prequel

149: Jobi Lütkos, Benevolent Neglect, Twitter's Platform Move, DuckDuckGo's Rise, Satya Nadella on Microsoft, SpaceX Starlink, Nvidia + Google, and Mescaline Medication

148: Ben Thompson's Velocity Match, Microsoft's Teams Distro Flex, Danco on Early Internet & Michael Scott, ARM's Confidential Compute, and Original iPhone vs iPhone 12

147: Koyfin, Apple's App Store, Google Chrome vs Cookies, SpaceX Starlink IPO, Intel & Microsoft + Android Apps, Liquid Rock, Clubhouse, and The Grand Budapest Hotel

Mini-Podcast #5: Note-Taking Apps & Why Personal Knowledge Management Systems Matter

146: Nvidia & ARM CEOs Joint Interview, Strangeness Injection, Facebook's 12-Trillion-Parameters Model, Nintendo's Double-Edged Sword, and Intel's Foundry

145: What is your 母题?, Nvidia's Generalization, Sam Walton & Success Despite Mistakes, Intel Discrete GPU, Lithium-Ion Battery, Halo, Psych of $, Legend of Zelda DIY-Remaster

144: Jim Killer Epic Interview, Defense Mergers 1980-2001, MSCI 42% CAGR, TSMC, Cloudflare's Clever Black Hat Strategy, (De/In)flation, Russia & Cyberattacks, and Art Talent

143: My Trick to Fight Hyperbolic Discounting, Do You Live in the Past?, Amazon's Bert & Ernie Robots, Stripe Tender & Shopify, Nvidia + ARM, Precision vs Accuracy, and René Girard

142: TSMC, Nvidia, Premature Optimization, Amazon & Private Label Brands, Backup Now!, One of Saturn's 82 Moons, 10 Remote Jobs at the Same Time, and Offset Years

141: Google Ads, Nvidia's Dogfood, Liquid Super-Teams, Microsoft Xbox Without the Box, HiSilicon —> ByeSilicon, Supersonic Commercial Planes, Zero Trust, and Fleabag

140: Jeff O’Shaughnessy & Jim Bezos, Semiconductor Boost, Nvidia Omniverse, Apple iCloud+ & Cloudflare, Seawater Lithium, Alzheimer’s, and Time Travel's Orbital Mechanics

139: Crowdstrike Q1, Ackman & PSTH + UMG, E-Commerce, Cloud Security Misalignment, FBI & DOJ on Ransomware, TerraPower, AMD 3D, and The Expanse's User Interfaces

138: Cloudflare's Credibility Problem, Elastic Q1, Salesforce + Mulesoft, Gmail is Broken, WSB Going Endemic, Stripe, Chrome's V8 Engine, MDMA vs PTSD, and 50MM Lenses

137: Anthropic Principle for UFOs, Nvidia GeForce Now, AMD + Tesla, Depth of Knowledge, Business Pixels, Diderot Effect for Companies, Counterpoint Global, and David Foster Wallace

136: Nvidia Q1 Highlights, 33 Bits, Druck & Soros' Adventures, Thoughts on Amazon Unbound, Richard Feynman, Bitcoin Electricity Theft, 1997 Wifi Security Hole, and Mega Drive

135: Cloudflare’s Cornerstone Decision & Downstream Effects, Nvidia Q1, Jeff Bezos Buckets, Snowflake's HQ, Ford's EV Plans, Twitter's Privatized Protocol, and Jim Keller

134: Transdigm for Pools, Amazon + MGM, Heico, Cannabis Payments, John Malone, Apple Espionage, Lateralus, Scientific Citations, Citations, and Undersea Cables

133: Feynman Moment, Cloudflare Frugality & Innovation, Solar Efficiency, Allulose & Global Health, Regulatory Cut & Paste, Pirate Branding Lessons, Snap, and Parasite Rock

132: Waymo IPO?, ByteDance CEO, Ford's F150 EV, Cloudflare Ports DOOM to Edge Network, Psilocybin vs Migraine, Mind Germs, Investing Games, and Leave a Comment

131: Asimov's Foundation, AMD's Lisa Su, Amazon & MGM Studios, South-Korea's Semiconductors Push, Apple M1 Heterogenous Tricks, Ethereum goes Cold, and Giger Grave

130: ASML's Manhattan Project, CAGR, Apple M1 vs Intel, GameStop, Indonesia, SemiconductorLand, DarkSide Ransomware Gang Disbands, and Focus matters a lot

129: Ransomware & Cybersecurity, Zero Trust, New Book on Amazon, Waymo, Google GCP + SpaceX Starlink, TSMC AZ 3nm, Light Pollution Map, and Loneliest Man in the Universe

Podcast #4: Ask Me Anything #1

128: Best Way to Lower CAC, Amazon's Targeted (?) Box Ads, 2010's Semiconductor Shortage, Bezos' 1994 Classified, Ransomware, and Physics Approach to Corp Organization

127: Cloudflare Q1, Nvidia Investor Day 2021, S&P Global & Snowflake, Pipelines & Crowdstrike, mRNA Vaccine Patents, Age Limits on Boards?, and IBM's 2nm Chip

126: Constellation Software Annual Meeting, Signal's Banned Facebook Ads, Twitter Tip Jar, Daniel Ek, Youtube's Custom Silicon, Value Wins, and Nature is Metal

125: TSMC's Expanding Expansion, Amazon Q1, Spotify, Jack Ma & John Nash, Muji, Berkshire Breaking Nasdaq, Audacity, Age Segregation, and Note-Taking Software

Interview with William Barnes, co-founder of In Practise (Investment Research Platform)

124: Unexpectedly Moderna'ed, Hyperscale Cloud Ecstasy, Unfreezing the Data Lake, Microsoft Store, Spotify, Starcraft, Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem, and Impostor Syndrome

123: Madoff F***-off Plaque, Constellation Software, TSMC's Founder Speaks, ROIC, Alex Danco, Macs, Box-Picking Robots, Snooping on Military Websites, and Pfizer

122: TSMC is already making Apple's M2!, Microsoft's Regalia, Amazon's Video & Music Big Bucks, ARM's new Data-center CPUs, Dropbox, Roper, and Josh Wolfe

121: Apple TCO, Smartphones, Twitter Analytics, Video Game Design Lessons, Standing Desks, Wifi 6 is a Big Deal, Chip Shortage, Frauds Spotting Frauds, and 400-foot Stone Ring

120: Rabbits & Assassins, Apple, Twitter Tipping & Super-Follows, Joe Rogan & Spotify, Nvidia, MLPerf Benchmarks, Virtual Machines, EnChroma, NASA, and Bird Harems

119: Nvidia: Inside Jensen Huang’s Brain, Stripe Financials, Discord & Microsoft, John Arnold on Renewables, Boyd Group, NASA, COVID19 Variants, and Torches of Freedom

Apple Event: My Thoughts (April 20, 2021)

118: Cloudflare (again?!), Bezos' Bakery, Coinbase Pro, Crowdstrike, Nvidia 2009, Snowflake for Dummies, Video Games, Canadian Real Estate, and Lord of the Rings

117: Bezos' Last Amazon Letter, Microsoft's Nadella on Nuance, Costco 101, Facebook, Coinbase IPO, Snowflake's Sales, Jamie Dimon, Google, Omega 3, and Deadwood

116: Nvidia's New Data-Center CPU, Cloudflare Partners with Nvidia, Visa's Trillions, Founders vs Investors, Burden of Proof, Asch Negatives, AMA Update, and Six Feet Under

115: Cloudflare (part 2), Microsoft Gets Nuance ($16bn), Does Spotify Even Like Joe Rogan?, SpaceX Starlink, Google's ML Codec, VR, Pfizer Factory, and Pufferfish Skeletons

114: Cloudflare's Secret Sauce, China's Big Tech, Jack Dorsey's Doc, RISC-V, the Data Era, Solar Cost Curve, One-Person SaaS, Double Negative, and Contagious Misery

113: Focus is not a Habit, Constellation Software Q1 M&A, Google vs Oracle, the Bus Factor, E-Comm, Immensity of Time, Neuroprotection of Ketosis, CDC, and Ask Me Anything

112: Complexity Investing, Instagram Extortion?, 16 Greatest Investments Ever, Stripe, Walk it Off, Voxels, Survival Curves, Lost Art of Thinking, and Retro-Futuristic Hamlet

111: U.S. Semiconductors, Mindshare, TSMC, Microsoft's ARmy, Nvidia, Tiny Gyroscopes, Johnson & Johnson, Valve's Half-Life Dev Process, and Robert Heinlein's Paper Tech

Why Your Mentors Seem Less Impressive Over Time [remastered]

110: Shiny New Object Syndrome, Constellation, Twilio, Netflix, TSMC^2, ARM V9 & Nvidia, Payments, Visa & Crypto, Cognex, Intel's Nanometers, Jupiter Moons & Tiger Stripes

Mini-Podcast #3: Collaborative Finance Super-Power & Sculpting that Marble Block

109: Enterprise Spending on Cloud, WCM, Amazon in 1999, Microsoft + Discord, NFTs, OpenAI's GPT-3 Ecosystem, Samsung DDR5, and FBI Bribing Congressmen

108: Can't be Static, Time in the Market, Google Meet + Silicon Design, Intel's Driving, Amazon's Internal Debate on Ads, Audio Gear, and Expectations vs Reality

Mini-Podcast #2: Investing Style as Lifestyle design & Look-Through Diversification

107: Investing... in mice, Intel!, Amazon Ads & AWS CEO, Microsoft + Discord, Shopify's Tobi Lütke, Software & Real Estate, Intercontinental Exchange, and Nintendo Switch 4K

Mini-Podcast #1: Introduction & Context

106: Empathy vs Narcissism, Microsoft Excel, Visa/Facebook Antitrust, Tech + Military, Reverse-Engineering B-2 Stealth Bombers, Singapore Organ Donor Incentives, and Last Words

105: Invest in Loss, Make this Capital Allocation Chart Standard Please, Amazon Apparel, Elliot Turner x2, Visa + BTC, Photoshop ML Super Resolution, and Mobula Rays

104: All the Silicon in the World, Amazon's Ad Juggernaut, Aircraft Carriers, Painting the NFT Tape, Cloudflare & ARM, Semiconductor 3P Marketshare, OpenAI, and D&D AI DMs

103: Fermi Paradox, Stripe@$95bn, Amazon Logistics, Video Games, Alibaba, NFT, Hempton, Neural Nets 101, Browser Marketshare, Mad Men, and Everyday Bayesian Thinking

102: Youtube's Subs/Bell Inflation, Trade Desk on IDFA, Connected TV, Twitter, Amazon Grocery, Alibaba, John Hempton,$69m NFT, Adobe, and the Darth Vader of Planes

101: The Best Business in the World?, Patrick Collison of Stripe, My NFT Questions, Twitter's Kayvon, AmazonBasics Attacked, Bruce Berkowitz, and Microsoft's Flaw

100: Post-Pandemic Thoughts, YOLO, Owning Overvalued Stocks, Trade Desk, Shopify, John McAfee, Octahedron, Art of Daydreaming, Amazon AI for Dubbing Films, and Zelda

99: Okta + Auth0, Topicus (Constellation Software), Flexport, Fundsmith, Hedge Fund Diaries, China vs India, When More is More, Solar is Nuclear, and Frozen Waterfalls

98: How Cloudflare Grew a Zscaler Inside Itself, Twitter vs Clubhouse (again), Grimy NFTs, Coinbase, Superconducting CPUs, Shrek's Law, Brain RAM, and Zoom Seances

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97: Twitter Spaces & Super-Follows, Elastic & the Art of Sandbagging, NFTs, NSA, Steve Jobs on Consulting, Robinhood^2, Pandemic Fallacies, and Denis Villeneuve

96: Steve Jobs AI-in-a-box, Nvidia Q4, Twitter Super-Followers, John Malone, Software's Teeth, TSS M&A at Constellation, and Mad Men with Smartphones

95: Facebook & Australia, Heico, American Tower, Inside AMD, Automotive Semiconductors Shortage, B-52s Never Die, Munger's Magnum Opus, Amazon, and AI Visual Search

94: Bill Ackman's +70%, Heico to Mars, Cloudflare, Australia vs Google & Facebook, Robert Sapolsky's Brain, John Huber, Barry Diller, Can't Buy Me Love, and Thorny Lily

93: Constellation Again, Coinbase, Stripe's $115bn, Jim Keller, Trade Desk Q4, Crowdstrike + Humio, Ford EVs, Citi's Crappy Software, Matt Ball on Twitter, Nvidia, and Pfizer

92: Mark Leonard's 2021 Letter!, Payments 101, 5 Layers of Roblox, Forget EV/TAM here’s P/FAAMG, How Affirm Works, Obvious Stuff, and Prison Mind-Chess

Interview with Koyfin co-Founders Rob Koyfman and Rich Meatto

91: Constellation Software Q4, Qualcomm vs Nvidia, SolarWinds, SPAKKS, Gavin Baker on Disney IP vs Video Games Franchises, Solar PV, Twitter, and Averaging Up

90: Amazon's Logistics, Rivian $50bn IPO, Pinterest & Microsoft, Semi Shortage, Nvidia, Adyen, Unreal's MetaHumans, Apple + TSMC AR Displays, and Diderot Effect

89: Druckenmiller, Matt Ball Disassembles Apple, S&P Global, Julie Young on Roblox, Shopify + Facebook, Nissan's EVs, Grand Theft Auto, Substack, Pfizer's Learning Curve

88: Trading Happiness for Misery,, After-Hours, Ford's EVs, Cathie's ARK, RISC-V Open-Source GPUs, YC for Truckers, Clean Energy Future, and Any Vaccine

87: Billionaire Regrets, Apple Car, Andy 'Buffalo Wings' Jassy, AWS' Next CEO, Robert Smith (Not The Cure), TSMC, SolarWinds, and Google's 250tbps Undersea Cable

86: Writing, Bezos, 21st Century Pumps & Dumps, DCF Stuff, Google Stadia Studios, Apple Report Card & M1 iMac Wishlist, LSD, a Plea for the U.S. Semiconductor Industry

85: Microsoft's 3 Regimes, WSB vs Short Interest, GM to go 100% EV, Roper's R&D, Brandolini's law, RISC-V, more on Vitamin D and COVID19, and Reputation Ransomware

84: My Thoughts on WSB Phenomenon, Constellation Software's Topicus Spin-Out, Okta's Vantage Point, Databricks, Jason Zweig, and the Benefits of Gaming

83: My Thoughts on Investing, Twitter vs Substack, WSB Sentiment Dashboard, MSFT Q4, Automakers Beg TSMC, Nvidia, EVs, and Mechanized Nuclear Pulse Propulsion

82: My Thoughts on Comparing Prices, AWS vs Elastic, WallStreetBets, Twitter Social Audio, Alteryx, Samsung 3nm Fab in Texas, SpaceX, and Glenfiddich's Bathroom

81: My Thoughts on Mood-Tracking, Amazon's Vaccine Prime, Google's Deal with France, Brooklyn Investor, WCM, InterPlanetary File System, and X-Wing Trench Run

80: My Thoughts on Local vs Global Contrarians, Microsoft + GM on Self-Driving Cars, Twitter, Bumble S-1, Elastic vs Amazon, Intel's Problems, Jack Ma, SpaceX Intrigue

79: Bumble & Tinder, Apple Podcast Subscription Service?, Figma CEO on Design, AWS, CTV, Apple’s Hidden Matrix Coprocessor in the M1, and the Unit is the Datacenter

78: My Thoughts on Good Video Games, Intel's Peaceful Transition of Power, TSMC, Elastic, ❄️ Snowflake & Alteryx, Jim Simons, Qualcomm Buys NUVIA, Alibaba's EV?!, Plaid

77: Visa Unplaid, Antitrust Wish, Bitcoin Lost Passwords, TikTok, Sherwin-Williams, DCF?, Samsung's New 5nm SoC, and Online Security and Privacy

76: Intel + TSMC & Samsung?!, Google Cloud Too Early & Too Late, OpenAI's DALL·E, Product Features of Weibo, Intangibles in S&P 500, Signal, Gmail, and #ShroomBoom

75: 20 Years of Nintendo, Twitter in Your Ears, Musk Passes Bezos ($190bn), Apple Car & Hyundai, CyberSecurity & InfoSec, Jim Keller to Tenstorrent, and Recent History

74: My Thoughts on Wandering vs Sprinting, Constellation's Topicus Spin-Out, Eugene Wei's JPEG Ideas, Alibaba's Mysteries, Datadog's Bark, Notion 101, and Matt Levine

73: 500 Million MAUs with 4 Employees, Uber Defrauded, Mike Bloomberg's Startup Phase, Bond Rating, 2020 E-Commerce, Pixar's Rendering Farm, Vaccines on Shelves

72: The Ethics of Google’s Core Business, CPUs of Spacecrafts, Amazon Buys Wondery + My Thoughts on Podcasting, EV Battery Degradation, Excel, and Tenet